About us        

Wands of Avalon consists of a husband and wife team creating hand crafted magical items from the West Country of England. These items are exclusively made from  traditional celtic woods harvested in and around the legendary Isle of Avalon, which is now the present day town of Glastonbury, England.  Occasionally, some of the wood is collected near various sacred magical sites located in the county of Cornwall, England.

My name is Joy Crossman-Copp, and I am the village conjuror, wise woman and wand maker. I am currently living in a rural village in east central Florida. I have been practicing the ancient art of wand crafting for over 15 years. My interests have led me to follow the path of the old ways, respecting the earth and her sacred beings in all its forms.

We are very fortunate to live in an area that allows us to care for many abandoned, injured, mistreated  and elderly dogs and cats. Most of my time is spent caring for them and also for various  night critters that have made our home a refuge. I especially enjoy the herd of white tail deer that come every evening to feed in our back garden.


Sitting in Boscastle,Cornwall   

 Sir Christopher Philip Holway Copp is responsible for most of the lovely photographs found on this website. He was born in the  West Country of England and is the primary navigator to all the sacred sites where we harvest the woods used in our crafts. He drives me all over the Glastonbury area  and the county of Cornwall in search of all the best places for collecting all those  wonderful sacred woods. His British driving skills are absolutely brilliant.

   Joy and Christopher Copp

Wand Mistress with Hawthorn