Help Us Help The Animals   

Everyone has a passion and a reason for getting up in the morning. Our passion is to help all creatures of the earth,  the great ones and the small ones.  We are not a recognised charity or a major organisation.  Just a few people trying to help out a number of animals that unfortunately did not have a great start in life.  And that's where we step in. Our goal and  mission is to provide  these animals with healthy food, fresh water, and a home where they will be loved and cared for.  Every animal we have here has been rescued from some unfortunate circumstance.  We are happy to report that all the dogs and cats that now live here with us have recovered and are living happy lives with plently of love.  As you may have guessed, the reason we make the wands, the runes, and the magical amulets are to raise funds in order to buy both food and medicine that the animals require.  Occasionally, we have some very special people that donate their time and food to help us out. For that we are extremely grateful.  Please check back, and in the next few weeks, we are going to list a few of those loving people and we are also going to post photos of all the lucky critters that we now call our kids. Thank you so much for purchasing our wands and other magical items!  Thank you for caring.  

Update on Buster 

Every now and then, our resident dogs will at times, have a disagreement among themselves. We do try our best to maintain a "peace-able kingdom" here. Sadly one of our long time residents, Mr.Buster,who is currently 18 years old, was involved in an incident with a not so nice 12 year old German Shepherd. I shall keep you all updated on Mr.Buster's progress. We are waiting to see if Buster's eye will improve.

Current Update of Buster

Buster under went a couple surgeries to repair his eye. So far so good. He was able to keep his eye and his head has healed very nicely. If Mr.Buster was a pirate, he could wear one of those black patches over his eye.  I have posted a current and updated photo of Mr.Buster as he has healed. I wish to thank everyone for your prayers for Buster. 

Buster's Head has healed nicely

                                        Buster needs to borrow an eye patch from a pirate.

Our Current Focus and Concern....Meet Mr. Forest Gump        

We decided to name this young man "Forest", because that's where he lives, in the forest, behind our house. We have been feeding Forest for nearly one year and still he is quite afraid of human contact. I have still not been able even to touch his head to pet him. Forest in need of medical attention. This young man has a very bad case of mites in his ears and sadly, he has scratched the back of his ears until they are bleeding. Also, we are going to have him neutered to prevent more homeless kittens. Our intentions are to trap Forest in one of my humane kitty traps and the moment we have him contained in the cage, we will take him immediately to the Geneva Oaks Animal Hospital where he will be treated for ear mites, receive vaccines and be neutered.

 All current wand sells will be used towards Forest's urgent medical needs.

Meet some of our Residents

Roxie                                     Sabre                                                 

Isa and Fran  and Personal Trainer





 More current resident photos to come in the future.