Wand Making 101                 

 wands are personal items

Wand making can be as simple as picking up a stick you find on the ground or as elaborate as using exotic crystals and precious metals.  It will ultimately be up to the individual what they are comfortable with calling a wand.

Personally, I enjoy using wood.  The varieties of wood I enjoy using come from the ancient ogham tree alphabet.  These woods are listed in the section under "Celtic Woods". 

The most important suggestion I have for anyone wishing to craft a wand from wood is..... know your tree!

I recently read a description from an individual trying to sell a wand they had crafted. They went on and on about how they had crafted the wand and all the magical properties this particular wand possessed.

And then when I read the words.. "we don't  really know what kind of wood this is, maybe ash or  it could be poplar.." I just shook my head in disbelief.  I desperately wanted to contact these sellers and help these poor people identify their wand.

Know your tree!  If you have to, go out and buy a book on tree identification. It's really not that hard. The internet is a great source for leaf identification and more.

Check back soon for more suggestions!